Sunday, 29 May 2011

Character Analysis: Banquo

BANQUO: Banquo is a general of the King's army (like Macbeth), whose children are said to take over the Scottish throne according to the prophecies coming from the witches. His ambitions, unlike those of Macbeth, did not lead to murder. Banquo's ghost haunts Macbeth and is a representation of Macbeths guilty conscience. Though Banquo is known to be ambitious, he doesn't set out to take action and use of violence. Though he is compared and related well to Macbeth, he is represents the character that chose the path which Macbeth had not taken. This was a the type of path in which ambition did not lead to murder and betrayal. Banquo also seems to be more cautious and aware of the situations he is put in, such as when him and Macbeth meet with the witches for the first time. He shown doubt on the prophesies that had been made by the witches, unlike Macbeth who was too caught up and believed foolishy of their words. Macbeth kills Banquo.

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