Sunday, 29 May 2011

Character Analysis: Macduff

MACDUFF: He was a Scottish nobleman. In the very beginning he is against Macbeth's rule. He ends up becoming the leader of a crusade designed to place Malcolm as the king. After the events of Macbeth murdering his wife and son, Macduff was in search for vengeance. He ends up being the only one able to defeat Macbeth. He is loyal and can be trusted, and when he hears about the deaths going on around Scotland, such as the first of King Duncan, he becomes angry and at the same time expresses honest.  grief/sorrow. He showed signs of being strong and courageous throughout the play, especially towards the end (Act 5) when he knew he was the only one who would be able to stop and kill Macbeth. He is known to be a real man who expresses emotion, even in times of chaos. He is the most attentive in regards to Duncan's death. 

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