Sunday, 29 May 2011

Character Analysis: Macbeth

MACBETH: Shakespeare uses a lot of  various qualities and characteristics on Macbeth that help show that character development is important especially in plays like these. Macbeth plunges from heights, where he is admired and respected as one the generals of the King's army, to the lowest point, where he is cursed and faces unfortunate events. The main focus of Macbeth's character is his fierce, overpowering ambition. In the beginning he is seen as a brave hero after the battle in Scotland, however, once we see Macbeth interact with the three witches his qualities soon change. He is easily tempted to commit murderous acts to fulfill his ambitions to take out Duncan, and be crowned King of Scotland. After this occurs he embarks on further violence that creates high tragedy throughout the play. One other characteristic that stands out for Macbeth is self-doubt. He lacks confidence within himself and his abilities. This causes him to believe and follow everything that the three witches said to him. As several of the prophecies come true the more Macbeth is unknowingly getting closer to his death. He lacks the skills necessary to rule as King and his only power would come in the form of illegal/violent acts. Macbeth was tempted and cheated by the witches and his own ambitions and passions deceived him into changing his virtues.

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